Child Dental Care (Paediatric dentistry)

Child Dental Care (Paediatric dentistry)

Why are milk teeth are important?

  • Both the sets of teeth i.e deciduous (milky) teeth and permanent teeth have their own importance. Deciduous teeth in children acts a best natural space maintainer till the permanent teeth erupts.
  • They maintain the space for permanent teeth and guide them to erupt properly which is very important for child’s oral/dental health and development.

Decay process in milk teeth:

Children’s Dietary habits & its frequency (Eg. eating items such as chocolates, biscuits, cakes, pastries, ice creams, cookies) now a days.These foods contains sugar, which if not cleaned from tooth surface for a longer period of time Causes DECAY & in turn damages the tooth structure

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Note: Many a times, hereditary/developmental defects may play a role in tooth development, decay process & its progression.

A) Superficial decay (limited to enamel & dentin)

  • Decay is removed & restored with filling materials (GC/composite/Equia Forte capsule filling)

Note: Diagnosing decay at an initial stage and getting its treatment done saves the natural milky tooth from undergoing Root canal treatment (RCT) in future.

B) Deep decay (extending to pulp)

  • Pulpectomy (Root canal treatment) needs to be done followed by crown placement to save the tooth until it reaches its sheddin (exfoliation) age.


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  • Paediatric crowns are different than the adult crowns, in a way that it is prefabricated and not custom made like in case of adult crowns.
  • This avoids taking measurements for its fabrication. Minor modifications or adjustment needs to be done in prefabricated crowns for its accurate placement.
  • Indications:
    • After root canal treatment.
    • In cases of more destruction of tooth structure where fillings cannot stay for longer duration.

  • Types:

    • Stainless steel crown: For Posterior (back) tooth/teeth
    • Strip crown: For Anterior (front) tooth/teeth
    • Zirconia crown: For Anterior/Posterior tooth/teeth

    Note: These crowns (caps) does not require any removal at a later stage, it needs to be maintained till its exfoliation age.


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